“Our initial business success and the use of Heliospectra lighting solutions enable our team to control and deliver highest quality crops and pharmaceutical-grade to domestic and export markets,” said Kris Swaffer, CEO of 5 Leters DOO. “5 Leters is swiftly scaling our facility and team in Resen while also creating jobs and positive impact for the local economy. As we expand, our company will continue to benefit from the reliable performance and durability of the Heliospectra lights.”

The 5 Leters DOO facility was established in 2017 and continues to build out rooms, standardizing on Heliospectra’s E60 broad spectrum LED lights for vegetation through flowering in combination with a multi-tier, indoor vertical cultivation system to optimize both crop quality and cubic metres of floor space.

“Heliospectra’s collaboration with 5 Leters ensures they bring highest quality crops and medicinal products to market with predictable and repeatable results,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra. “It is a privilege to share our technical expertise and deep knowledge of plant science with 5 Leters and other cultivation teams around the world who are committed to our market-leading LED lighting and control systems.”

The order will be delivered and visible in the accounts in Q2 2018. As 5 Leters DOO continuous to scale their business in Resen during 2018, Heliospectra look forward to a mutual collaboration.

 Visit www.5Letters-us.com to learn more about 5 Leters DOO.