“We were ahead of the curve in adopting LED lighting for our state-of-the art facility over two years ago, and we keep being proven right in our decision to go with Heliospectra,” said Demetri Kouretas, Chief Executive Officer, The Grove. He added, “Our companies share an unrelenting focus on improving product quality and consistency through best-of-breed technology and best practices. Additionally, we know that continued collaboration between the experts at The Grove and Heliospectra will yield ever greater financial and crop performance.” 

A vertically integrated business enterprise, The Grove is committed to growing the highest-grade flower and distilling the highest-grade concentrates to create all-natural products and edibles for its two dispensaries. The Grove’s Director of Cultivation Kevin Biernacki and his team have established the world’s largest networked cultivation facility now standardized on Heliospectra LX series LED lights and market-leading software control.

“Heliospectra’s partnership with The Grove demonstrates the power of teamwork and the magnitude of knowledge shared in a fast-moving industry,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO, Heliospectra. “The Grove’s use of our full spectrum demonstrate the capabilities available for efficient growth from clone to flower. The validation of light strategies and operations efficiencies developed with Kevin and Demetri over time are impressive. The predictable, repeatable production results achieved provide a new business model for growers world-wide.”

The Grove’s focus on product purity, crop quality and the health of more than 5,000 plants, is bolstered by the proven durability and 99.9% reliability rate of Heliospectra’s lighting solutions.

Delivery will take place in Q3.