GOTHENBURG, Sweden, 24 February 2023, at 08:00 CET – Heliospectra AB (publ) expands product portfolio and MITRA platform with MITRA Flex, the market’s first available wireless controlled flexible far-red light. The new solutions offer customers three spectra in one without losing power, making it perfect for customizable and application-based growing, such as end-of-day or end-of-production light treatments with far-red, or to ensure a healthy crop year-round also in low light seasons.

MITRA Flex allows growers to use targeted crop strategies with its flexible far-red by combining three spectra in one – PAR, PAR plus Far-Red, and Far-Red Only – without losing power. In addition, the flexible far-red option allows growers to have the far-red on or off depending on crop variety, production stage, or at a specific part of the day. 

In addition, to further adapt to each crop and plant growth stage, MITRA Flex comes with wireless dimming and can be connected to Heliospectra’s light control system helioCORE™ for dynamic DLI control, dimming and to create grow-zone strategies for different varieties or areas. 

MITRA Flex application driven approach supports our mission to Redefine Natures Potential and optimizing crop performance and production for growers. Combining that with our SMART software and a robust wireless communication protocol, growers can gain not only faster production and more healthy crops using the far-red, but gain substantial energy savings by not using the lights when not needed,” says Bonny Heeren, CEO, Heliospectra.  

Benefits of far-red light and application-based growing

Far-red light has proven to be beneficial for a large variety of crops. It helps extend the growth of plants’ stems, allowing plants to reach “harvest-ready” height faster. Including far-red in the light spectrum can also increase leaf size, enabling plants to capture more light, which can indirectly increase their growth over time. Additionally, far-red light plays a role in the flowering of some plants, increasing the number of flowers or speeding up the flowering process. Last, far-red helps ensure high-quality and consistent crop production in low-light seasons such as winter or shoulder months.  

“How much far-red light and when that light should be added to the spectrum is crop and variety dependent. A flexible far-red solution is beneficial as it gives growers flexibility and control to optimize their specific environment to several different crop varieties and growth stages,” says Rebecca Nordin, Chief Commercial Officer, Heliospectra.  

Delivering a complete wireless solution for commercial growers

By combining the company’s light control system helioCORE™ with sensors, wireless dimming, and durable and targeted LED lights, Heliospectra’s new smart wireless solution provides growers with a high-quality light environment, control, and automation resulting in not only healthy plants but also significant energy savings. 

“While the high efficacy of Heliospectra LED lights saves up to 40% compared with the standard HPS solutions presently used, our energy-saving system, can save an additional 30% of the energy costs by limiting unnecessary use of supplemental light during the day, or in specific grow zones. That type of savings makes a big difference in the bottom-line for growers,” says Rebecca Nordin.  

DLI Control

helioCORE enables growers to set Daily Light Integral (DLI) targets in their greenhouses to support a consistent optimal plant growth year-round and prioritize lamp use at times of day when light is low. The systems energy saving algorithms combine weather forecasts, natural light levels, and energy prices to optimize the light environment for specific crops, all while minimizing energy consumption and cost by using the lights when the energy and utility costs are lowest.

Customized Lighting Strategies for Grow Zones

helioCORE and sensor feedback algorithms enable growers to break down their grow environment into multiple controllable “grow zones” with customized lighting strategies to optimize energy use and increase control. Thereby improving growth consistency throughout the greenhouse and as the season changes. Enabling growers to use the right amount of light when needed in a set area or turn off lights in sections not in use, leading to an additional energy savings on top of the DLI controller. All via an easy to work with user interface.

Durable and built to last

The MITRA platform and MITRA Flex are designed and engineered in Sweden. Its sleek design minimizes shadow on the crop, the wireless dimming speeds up installation and minimizes wires, and an IP66 ensures it lasts in harsh commercial greenhouse environments. By using only top-tier components, including A-brand diodes and power supplies, the new MITRA platform has a life expectancy of 54 000 hours and is built to last for many years to come.

The new MITRA Flex solution and the wireless system will be showcased inside Heliospectra’s booth (no. 01.422) at GreenTech in Amsterdam, June 13 to 15, 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Heliospectra’s sales team and receive a demonstration of the innovations.

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