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Featuring nine individually controlled wavelengths ranging from 380nm (UVA) to 735nm (Far-Red), DYNA is without question the worlds most flexible LED grow light. Designed with plant scientists in mind, DYNA is at home in any research or agtech environment.

Through our innovative helioCORE™ control system, DYNA gives you access to a plethora of additional functionality, including real-time adjustments and schedule automation. These light control features make using the DYNA a breeze, and more importantly, help deliver consistently reliable results.

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Infinite Spectral Options

With full spectrum control from UVA to FR, DYNA has infinite spectral options and strategies to help you move your research forward.

Research Plate

Research Plate: The Research Plate includes 9 tuneable LED channels at 380nm, 400nm, 420nm, 450nm, 520nm, 630nm, 660nm, 735nm, and a white 5700K LED channel.

Remote Control

Take the guess work out of advanced lighting and connect your Heliospectra lights to helioCORE™

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In The Field

Learn more about real-world DYNA applications, or hit the button below to see all of our customer success stories!

Success Stories

Customer Testimonial

Forschungszentrum Jülich

“With the Heliospectra LEDs, we can program dynamic changes in the light intensity which is not possible with other conventional light fixtures. We have the capability of determining what the plant response would be under specific wavelengths…The Heliospectra lights allow us to select only certain wavelengths and manipulate the intensity of only those wavelengths.”

Customer Testimonial

University of Queensland

“At University of Queensland, we replaced the old high pressure sodium vapour lamps with Heliospectra LED grow lights and saved approximately 28% of the power required for lighting and about $10,000 in costs associated with bulb replacement each year.”

Customer Testimonial

Institute for Cereal Crops Improvement

“Thanks to the Heliospectra lights, we were able to produce wheat plants with quality, fully developed spikes in less than two months…”