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Mitra X

Designed for Commercial Greenhouses
Wireless dimming, maximized light output, slim design, and a diverse spectrum portfolio.

Mitra X Flex

Flexible Far Red Light
MITRA Flex is a wireless controllable flexible far-red light for targeted crop light strategies.


Light Control System

Advanced light control and energy savings with unlimited grow zones, and dynamic dimming. 


High Intensity, 1000 Watt
& HPS Replacement
CERES Flex Far Red and Energy Flex provide growers with 3 spectrum while maintaining power output. 


Perfect for High Light Crops
CERES is our newest wireless controllable light with 3 spectrum variants and high intensity of 1000 Watt. 


Full Flexibility and Control
With 4 independently controllable wavelengths and market leading light control system.   


Market-Leading Spectrum Control
With 9 independently controllable wavelengths and market leading light control system.   


Wireless Dimming Connector
The Adelphi offers wireless dimming, up to 9000 fixture, built on a robust LoRa protocol. 

Wireless Solution

Save up to 30% on top of your LED light savings. With our high-quality LED lights with wireless dimming, sensors and our helioCORE software, you can automate your lighting strategy and tailor it to any situation. You can automatically adjust and dim you LED lights based on natural light levels, and fluctuating energy prices. Our software also offers the possibility to set up to multiple grow zones, without upgrade, and to operate them separately. Allowing you to save more energy but not using bays and section not in use. 

Energy savings with dynamic dimming*


Other savings (zones, energy prices)*


Total energy savings from helioCORE


Crop Cultivation

We empower growers to consistently and sustainably produce crops of the highest quality year round, with minimum resources. Head to our Growers Centre to learn more about our industries and how we work within them.

Growers Centre

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