What is helioACADEMY?

Founded in 2006 in Sweden by plant scientists and biologists, Heliospectra embarked on a visionary journey – to revolutionize crop production through intelligence and resource efficiency. 

With our roots deeply embedded in research, the natural progression for us has been to nurture and contribute to research by our technology. Thus, helioACADEMY was born, providing a platform for us to support and collaborate with researchers. Our vision with helioACADEMY is that resources like grow lights should not be a limitation for young aspiring researchers. Instead, we want it to be something that everyone has the opportunity to use in their research, big as well as small. Through helioACADEMY, we extend our smart LED lights to students, empowering them to conduct innovative experiments and trials. 

Numerous students have already benefited from helioACADEMY sponsorships, and we eagerly anticipate sharing the insights and discoveries resulting from these collaborations. Stay tuned by visiting our website and following our social media channels to explore the diverse array of research projects and their outcomes supported by helioACADEMY. 

Are you a university or student conducting a research project in 2024 and interested in being sponsored by helioACADEMY?  

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Ida Fällström doing research on lettuce

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