Why helioACADEMY?

Introducing Luis O Morales, an Associate Professor at Örebro University, specializing in plant responses to light. His research focuses on the molecular, genetic, and biochemical mechanisms that enable plants to adapt to varying light conditions, with particular emphasis on UV radiation and visible light. As a part of his research he is interested in using light signaling as a tool to boost plant performance both under horticultural settings and under environmental conditions that cause stress. Beyond research, Luis teaches a wide range of subjects including Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell biology and Ecology. 

As a participant in the helioACADEMY sponsorship program, Luis highlights the invaluable contribution of Heliospectra’s lights to student projects. Through this initiative, students have been able to integrate cutting-edge LED technology into their research, expanding their opportunities for hands-on experimentation in the field of photobiology. 

From Luis’s perspective, when teaching students about plant responses to the light environment providing students with access to Heliospectra’s dynamic LED lights facilitates the development of a deeper understanding of light signaling in agriculture. He emphasizes the transformative impact of these lights in his teaching activities, showcasing real-world applications from his own research and inspiring students to explore the potential of this technology in their projects. Luis says that students learn quickly how to program the lamps and find it interesting how we can trigger multiple plant responses by just manipulating the light spectra. 

Luis O Morales

Luis O Morales,
Associate Professor at Örebro University

As a supervisor, Luis takes pride in offering his students access to advanced equipment such as Heliospectra lamps. He believes that providing such tools not only enhances the quality of their research, but also instils a sense of innovation and practical problem-solving skills that are key for their future endeavors. 

Feedback from students regarding the integration of Heliospectra’s lights has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the opportunity to engage with state-of-the-art technology and the hands-on experience of conducting experiments that simulate real-world scenarios. 

In conclusion, Luis expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to use Heliospectra’s lamps in both his research and teaching activities and recognizes their important role in advancing scientific research at Örebro University. 

HelioACADEMY is a sponsorship program with the vision that resources such as grow lights should not be a limitation for young aspiring researchers. 

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Are you a university or student conducting a research project in 2024 and interested in being sponsored by helioACADEMY?