Why helioACADEMY?

Meet Henrik Haller, Senior Lecturer at Mid Sweden University, specializing in sustainable land use and innovative food production. Henrik teaches Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering at the university. 

As a participant in the helioACADEMY sponsor program, Henrik highlights the impact of Heliospectra’s lights on student projects, stating that thanks to the program, they’ve been able to incorporate hands-on data collection from LED light experiments that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. 

Henrik emphasizes the significance of students having access to Heliospectra’s smart LED lights, stating that it provides valuable practical experience by involving them with companies and exposing them to real-world problems associated with practical work. 

In his role as a supervisor, Henrik underscores the value of providing students with this equipment, stating that it has allowed him to gain practical knowledge of the latest LED lighting technology that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

Regarding the integration of Heliospectra’s lights into research projects, Henrik notes positive feedback from students who appreciate the opportunity to collect primary data from pilot-scale experiments that resemble real commercial scenarios. 

HelioACADEMY is a sponsorship program with the vision that resources such as grow lights should not be a limitation for young aspiring researchers.

Henrik Haller

Henrik Haller,
Senior Lecturer at Mid Sweden University

Are you a university or student conducting a research project in 2024 and interested in being sponsored by helioACADEMY?