“With the Heliospectra LEDs, we can program dynamic changes in the light intensity which is not possible with other conventional light fixtures.

“The Heliospectra LEDs allow us to program dynamic changes in light intensity. This capability is not possible with other conventional light fixtures. We can determine the plant response under specific wavelengths. The Heliospectra lights enable us to select and manipulate specific wavelengths’ intensity.”

Dr. Shizue Matsubara, Senior Researcher

Aware that previous research was confined to photosynthesis and photo acclimation under constant light, Dr. Matsubara desired the capability to program rapid and dynamic changes (fluctuations) in light intensity. This was necessary to determine plant response accurately.

Finding a flexible light source for growth chambers was challenging. This was due to the need for low light levels of 50 micromoles and high light levels over 1000 micromoles. Additionally, the frequent changes in light intensity had to be applied rapidly, spanning periods of a few hours, several days, or weeks.


Dr. Matsubara selected Heliospectra’s adjustable spectrum LEDs for their programming and adjusting capabilities. She also noted that LEDs emit significantly less heat compared to other light sources.

Excess heat could impact plants and leaf temperature during experiments. Additionally, the heat must be cooled and controlled in growth chambers for optimal conditions.

“The Heliospectra LEDs do not generate much heat compared with conventional strong light sources. This allows us to study the effect of light intensity on plants separate from the effects of heat.”


Dr. Matsubara and her research team at Forschungszentrum Jülich found a way to apply dynamic light fluctuations in the growth chamber to selectively enhance a defense response in plants. Longer term goals include using dynamic light intensity to help plants better cope with abiotic and biotic stress conditions in natural environments.

Dr. Shizue Matsubara
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