Heliospectra’s industry-leading LED grow lights and software control enable commercial growers to accelerate harvest and production cycles while delivering consistent yields and highest-quality crops year-round. The ability to customize advanced light strategies, intensities and spectra across the plant growth cycle will also create clear business advantages as Canadian licensed cannabis cultivation teams strive to bring more specialized, proprietary medical products to market faster.

“Heliospectra LEDs are quickly displacing traditional HID and HPS lamps in Canada as growers leave the limitations and high maintenance costs of these fixtures behind,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra. “Today’s commercial growers who are working with food crops, flowers or medicinal plants recognize that Heliospectra’s LED lighting and dynamic, real-time light control software will cost-effectively scale business performance and increase yields.” 

The order will be shipped during the first quarter of 2018.