(GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Mar 13, 2024, at 13:00 CET)– Heliospectra, a leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, is proud to announce the new 1500W MITRA X LED light. With a higher output of 5700µmol, wide beam optics, and 3.7 efficacy, the new MITRA X requires only 2 LED lights to cover a standard 8m trellis, decreasing investment costs while providing vegetable growers with a high output and uniformity to maximize taste and yield. The extended MITRA X platform focuses on modularity and versatility and caters to a wide range of environments and crops to meet the diverse needs of modern growers.

First launched in 2022, the MITRA X platform was primarily designed for unistruts and a diverse ornamentals segments as well as leafy greens. Now fully modular, it offers growers unparalleled flexibility to adapt to various cultivation environments and crop requirements. From small-scale indoor facilities and growth chambers to large-scale commercial operations, the MITRA X platform delivers tailored lighting solutions for optimal plant growth and yield.

New 1500W fixture for vegetable growers and high-light crops

The new 1500W LED light not only comes with the standard 90-5-5 spectrum preferred by vegetable growers, a higher output of 5700µmol, and up to 3.7 efficacy, but a lot of thought has gone into the fixture's design for easy and efficient installation on a trellis in a standard Venlo greenhouse. Thanks to the modular design and special optics of the MITRA X, only 2 LED lights are required to cover a standard 8m trellis, decreasing investment costs while providing vegetable growers with high output and uniformity for taste and yield.

"At Heliospectra, we are committed to empowering growers with innovative lighting solutions that enable sustainable and profitable cultivation," said Bonny Heeren, CEO at Heliospectra. "Our new fixture is perfect for vegetable growers. With only 2 LED lights per 8m trellis, while delivering high uniformity of more than 90% and output of around 275 mmol per m2, our customers can save up to 20% on their initial investment and even more on installation costs. The A-brand LEDs used in the MITRA X with a lifetime above 100,000 hours at a 45degree ambient temperature say a lot about the high-quality components we are using, but it also means that, on average, more light will reach the crop due to less degradation of the output of the LEDs in our fixtures. In today’s highly competitive climate, all these advantages are making the difference." 

Seamless Integration

The MITRA X offers a wide range of wattage, voltage, hangers, and standard Wieland connectors, as well as wireless dimming and control, to ensure easy and effortless integration into your greenhouse and minimize upfront installation costs. While a stand-alone system, the MITRA X and helioCORE™ can easily integrate into third-party control systems, such as already installed climate computers, enhancing operational flexibility and customization.

Durable and Built to Last

Built on the legacy of Swedish design and craftsmanship, the MITRA X is designed with a combination of leading components from trusted A-brands like Inventronics, Osram, CREE, and Ledil. To further guarantee quality and safety, Heliospectra fixtures undergo thorough end-of-line and third-party testing, meeting the most demanding certifications, including CE, eTL, and DLC. This combination ensures longevity and performance for our customers and enables us to reach a market-leading lifetime expectancy and Q90 on our spectrum of 102,000h at 45-degree ambient temperature.

Worry Free Growing with Proactive Monitoring & Safeguarding

Growers can stay informed and proactive with real-time notifications and comprehensive monitoring of fixtures, power supply units (PSU), and installation status. Thanks to our advanced software and unique two-way communication with the PSU, the system detects and prevents potential PSU failures and overheating and ensures uninterrupted growth and operational continuity. Safeguarding your investment and grow operation.

Dynamic Steering and Control

The MITRA X platform also offers a suite of dynamic features based on durable LoRa technology to enhance energy savings, increase yield, and streamline operational efficiency. These include:

  • DLI Management System: This system allows you to standardize your crop's daily light levels and utilize light precisely when needed, thereby reducing energy consumption by up to 35% with real-time weather forecasts, integrated energy prices, sensors, and LED optimization.
  • Dynamic Grow Zones: Customize your light environments with unlimited dynamic growth zones. You can create and reshape zones as your operation requires, down to the fixture, and control them through wireless dimming, sensors, and advanced scheduling features. Enabling you to adapt to changing requirements effortlessly.
  • Flexible spectrum alternatives. MITRA X Flex allows growers to fine-tune lighting parameters further to maximize crop quality and productivity by ensuring precise light output tailored to each stage of plant development or light treatments.
  • Wireless Sensor Integration: Flexible wireless PAR and ePAR sensors enhance data collection and reduce installation costs, providing real-time insights for dynamic steering and informed decision-making.

”This combination of Swedish craftsmanship, use of only A-brand components, and unique dynamic solutions provides growers with market-leading quality and control against a very competitive cost per mmol!” according to Bonny Heeren. 

For more information about Heliospectra and its advanced lighting solutions, please visit www.heliospectra.com.