Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent horticultural lighting technology, was showcased in a first-of-its-kind growing system that debuted at a recent cannabis forum in San Francisco. At the New West Summit, Fleurish Farms CEO Dr. Jonathan Cachat spoke about Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight SunGrown Indoor™, a cultivation technology that combines sunlight capture equipment with Heliospectra LED grow lights.

Fleurish Farms’ integrated DSS SunGrown Indoor system empowers cannabis growers to cultivate indoors at a dramatically lower cost and carbon footprint while achieving high yields and consistent chemical composition in crops. The system features solar tubes with custom optics that maximize available sunlight to mimic greenhouse conditions. Software-controlled Heliospectra LED light fixtures dynamically augment varied sunlight levels to achieve optimal light conditions every day of the year. By eliminating the light waste typical of indoor facilities using conventional high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures, the Fleurish Farms system improves growers’ profit margins and utility savings from their first electrical bill.

“Fleurish Farms and the DSS SunGrown system enable cultivation that is both environmentally and financially sound,” said Dr. Jonathan Cachat, CEO and president of Fleurish Farms. “We selected Heliospectra lights for our systems because they are an intelligent, network-connected LEDs. The ability to stepwise increase or decrease the overall light output in response to fluctuating exterior sunlight levels, in addition to having granular control over specific light spectrums made Heliospectra LEDs an easy choice. We are able to take advantage of these energy efficient LEDs and the superior light quality to drive or direct plant performance and optimal growth, while relying on the full-spectrum, natural sunlight to support baseline photosynthesis rates.”

After conducting rigorous research on how to most effectively apply sunlight to indoor grows, and how to augment this light in the most efficient manner possible, Fleurish Farms announced that the DSS SunGrown Indoor systems are now available for commercial sale. Cannabis cultivators using the system can expect an 80 percent reduction in electricity use as well as improved water efficiency and crop quality versus indoor facilities reliant upon conventional technologies.

“As temperature and relative humidity are critical to indoor growing, only Heliospectra technology meets Fleurish Farms’ control and efficiency requirements for an adjustable LED product designed for growing cannabis in a controlled indoor environment,” said Christopher Steele, COO of Heliospectra. “We’re pleased that Heliospectra is a core component of Fleurish Farms’ innovative growing system, which raises the bar for high-performance, high-efficiency cultivation.”

Heliospectra was recently named the industry leader in lighting technology at the second annual Cannabist Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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