Heliospectra and Griffin are collaborating with this New England customer on a full-scale commercial cultivation facility that will soon represent the largest LED installation in the region,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra. “Both our teams deliver technical lighting expertise, facility design services andplant science focus, enabling this facility to build immediate, sustainable energy savings and superior business performance.” 

With multiple locations across the United States, the Griffin team assists growers across the country with foundational knowledge and practices that impact operations and production while improving crop quality, efficiency and profitability for a wide variety of food, ornamentaland medicinal crops. 

The Heliospectra E60 series with C-plate features a far-red wavelength and optimized broad spectra designed to accelerate harvest in flowering plants.  Heliospectra’s LED technology has been developed with leading commercial food and cannabis growers to ensure businesses achieve consistent year-round production cycles and superior crop quality.