Intelligent LED Lighting Solutions Integrate with Market-Leading Control Software for Consistent, High-Quality Crop Production Year-Round (GOTHENBURG, Sweden / SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 12, 2017) – Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, will premiere the company’s new CORTEX light control software at Booth #3153 during the Cultivate’17 ( horticulture conference, July 15-18, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio. Integrating with Heliospectra’s intelligent LED lights ( and a light sensor, CORTEX offers commercial growers the industry’s most advanced controls and automated schedules for supplemental light.

“CORTEX elevates the capabilities and level of integration and light management to enable our customers and growers to standardize production and increase year-round yields,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra AB. “Every grower wants to improve business performance and production quotas to achieve premium produce prices and negotiation advantages in the marketplace. CORTEX improves business performance by providing growers with the reliable and robust forecasting tools needed.”

“Growers can now automate supplemental lighting schedules to better control consistency and plant growth, responding to market demand in real-time,” said Karin Dankis, Product Manager. “Heliospectra offers businesses an unrivaled ability to make data-driven decisions and accelerate or even slow down harvest cycles so that they are bringing fresh produce to market at the optimal time.”

Heliospectra will demonstrate the DLI Controller, On Target and Schedule modules of the CORTEX software control in the company’s booth #3153 during Cultivate’17. CORTEX centralized light management capabilities include:

  • DLI Controller: Growers can regulate supplemental light use to reach Daily Light Integral (DLI) targets, supporting optimal plant growth and prioritizing lamp use at times of day when energy costs are lowest.

  • On Target: Growers can establish constant Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) levels to maximize plant efficiency and photosynthesis with dynamic response to changes  in weather, low light seasons or natural light conditions.

  • Schedule: Growers can induce flowering or extend the photoperiod for food and long-day flower crops using automated and pre-set scheduling features to supplement natural daylight.

For more information about CORTEX, book a Cultivate 2017 meeting with our lighting specialists at  To learn more about Heliospectra solutions, visit or call +1 888 942 GROW to reach our Americas team and +46 31 40 67 10 to reach our European team.  

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