(GOTHENBURG, Sweden, May 12, 2021, at 14.25 CEST) – Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces a new reseller partnership with Harahara Inc., a long-term supplier of cultivation solutions, to represent Heliospectra’s market leading LED lighting and light control solutions for controlled environments agriculture and PFALs market in Japan.

Harahara Inc. located in Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, provides a wide range of cultivation solutions including LED Lights, nutrients, soil, pots and more for the Japanese market. The company will roll out Heliospectra’s solutions, including the fully controllable ELIXA with the helioCORETM light automation software.

“Automatic management systems with smart functions are gaining momentum and value in daily cultivation practices. The ability to create a “virtual cultivation space” where you can freely change the output and spectrum composition from your device, and mimic morning or the late afternoon light, provides growers with endless possibilities and high-quality plants regardless of the season. We’re excited to include Heliospectra’s high-quality products as we expand our automation offers”, says Rentaro Fujiwara, CEO Harahara Inc.

Due to the lack of arable land and an increasingly urban and aging population, Japan’s agriculture industry is increasingly moving indoors and are looking to solve issues such as: How to produce more crops more effectively? How to manage to existing space more effectively? And how to better control outside influences affecting crop growth and health?The answer to those questions has become Controlled Environments Agriculture (CEA), leading to more high-tech greenhouses and Plant Factories with Artificial Light (PFALs). Today, Japan is the leading market when it comes to the number of PFALs.

“The high standards of innovation and quality set by Japanese producers and PFALs are a perfect match for Heliospectra’s light automation portfolio. Since ELIXIA is now fully PSE certified, together with Harahara Inc., we look forward to offering our solutions and plant science experience to the Japanese growers”, says Yasuhiro Suzuki, General Manager Heliospectra Japan.  

Heliospectra has a long history of producing high-quality LED-lighting solutions and light automation software, enabling a steady, year-round production of high-quality vegetables. The helioCORE light control system provide growers with full control over their growing space, allowing growers to plan production and depend on their crop and production goals. Customized light strategies can be set up using either an advanced scheduling option or sensors to automatically adjust, making sure crops received the light quality and quantity they need for a healthy, nutritious result.       

Heliospectra’s adjustable ELIXIA LED, fully PSE solution certified for the Japanese market, is designed and built on a foundation of over a decade of research and experience. Featuring up to four tunable wavelengths, ELIXIA is an essential tool for any greenhouse or indoor operation seeking optimal control and desire to deliver superior crop quality and yield performance.

Visit www.heliospectra.com (https://www.heliospectra.com/japanese) for more information about Heliospectra’s lighting solutions.