In Q3 of this year, Heliospectra received support requests from a few of our North American customers citing performance issues with their MITRA Led Lights. Heliospectra underwent a thorough internal investigation of the issue and acted quickly – the company has already replaced a quarter of the lamps involved. The issue was traced back to the component level, and it was discovered that a faulty fuse had been installed in a limited production series.

Heliospectra has completed an internal investigation of the issue, resulting in the company replacing a quarter of the lamps involved. However, a warranty commitment has been made by Heliospectra to cover the entire production series. This means the company has set aside an additional SEK 5.4 million to cover any additional warranty and conversion costs that might arise in the future.

The company wants to make it clear that the affected lights do not pose a safety risk to growers who continue to use fully functioning products. In the worst case, the faulty fuse will cause the product to completely or partially switch off.

“We apologize and take what happened seriously. Heliospectra stands for Swedish quality and conducts a series of quality tests to detect and identify potential defects in production. We have identified the error and taken measures to prevent it from happening again”, says Hanna Rüdel, Vice President of Technical Services at Heliospectra.