(Gothenburg, Sweden, March 1, 2024, at 14:45 CET) – Heliospectra, a market leader in Smart LED lighting technology and control systems for optimized plant growth and energy efficiency, reveals the opening of their new Dutch office in Breda, Netherlands.

Since last month, Heliospectra has had a Dutch office located at Neerloopweg 38 in Breda, Netherlands. Strategically located in an area close to the greenhouse market and the horticulture industry.

“The Netherlands is an important market for Heliospectra where the local presence is very important. With the opening of this office, Heliospectra has taken the first major step towards serving the Dutch market,” says Bonny Heeren, CEO of Heliospectra.

Heliospectra is a Swedish supplier of Smart LED lighting solutions with a unique modular light platform ranging from 325 – 1500 watts. This modular system allows Heliospectra to provide every greenhouse with the very best light distribution and light quality. Whether it is 40% red with 20% blue or the standard 90-5-5 spectrum, Heliospectra has the right spectrum for its plants and purpose.

As you would expect from a company with Swedish origins, Heliospectra only works with A-band components such as OSRAM and CREE for the LEDs and Inventronics for the power supply. This guarantees a reliable lighting installation with very high efficiency and a long lifespan, providing growers with an LED installation for the future!

“Our advanced software communicates with the PSU and receives important information such as the temperature of the fixture and the environment, the operating hours, and the harmonic pollution on the grid. This data is then processed in our software, allowing users to accurately monitor the status of their lighting installation and investment. We make this information as clear as possible with a visual representation, as well as push notifications of this information if desired. Our fixtures can be integrated with various climate computers according to the latest protocols,” according to Bonny Heeren.

Advantages of Heliospectra:

  • Swedish top quality
  • Modular design for optimal flexibility
  • Wide range solutions from 325 to 1500 watts, including flexible far-red options
  • Feedback from the PSU for accurate monitoring
  • Excellent pricing for an optimal price-quality ratio

Next week, March 5-7, Heliospectra will exhibit during Horticontact in Gorinchem, Netherlands, stand B126. Don’t miss stopping by for a demo of our new 1500W solution and full system solution.

For more information, visit www.heliospectra.com. To book a demo or to learn more about our solutions contact our sales team at sales@heliospectra.com.