On Monday May 23rd Daniel Bånkestad, Research and Development Engineer with Heliospectra, will be conducting an oral presentation during the “Light quality and optimization” session entitled LED spectrum optimisation using steady-state fluorescence gains.

His presentation is preceded by a session with Anna-Maria Carstensen, PhD candidate at Chalmers University of Technology, who is presenting findings on Exploring the dynamics of remotely detected fluorescence transients from Basil as a potential feedback for lighting control in greenhouses.

Both findings were made possible by utilizing Heliospectra’s intelligent LED plant growth light systems as a part of an ongoing project funded by Mistra. Mistra is a Swedish organization, which seeks to promote sustainable development by investing in collaborations between researchers and industry – with the aim of solving important environmental problems.

Dr. Grazyna Bochenek along with Ida Fällström, Plant and Light Research Manager with Heliospectra, will present some of their recent work on a poster entitled The effect of diurnal light intensity distributions on plant productivity in a controlled environment.

Presentations continue on Tuesday May 23rd when Dr. Karl-Johan Bergstrand from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will present his research, Using short photoperiods and narrow-band lighting as a way of controlling growth in ornamental pot- and bedding plants, using the Heliospectra intelligent lighting system.

For full program and abstracts please click here.
All Heliospectra posters are available for download here.