(GOTHENBURG, Sweden / SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 31 May, 2019) – Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, is proud to announce the launch of the company’s new MITRA series in booth 12.500 at GreenTech on June 11-13 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company will also showcase its market-leading helioCORE™ light control system and vertical farming application-based SIERA light bar solution.         

Heliospectra’s new revolutionary MITRA LED lighting solution has a unique modular design allowing for a wide variety of customizable solutions including greenhouse, indoor and vertical installations. Designed specifically for high light crops, the new fixture boasts a high-intensity light output and an electrical efficacy of up to 2.7 µmol/J.


Heliospectra will launch the first two MITRA configurations at GreenTech in June. This includes the:

  • The square configuration is optimized for vertical installations and shaped to provide a uniform light distribution over a standard growing bed or bench. MITRA specifically targets both the indoor vertical food and cannabis markets.
  • The linear configuration is designed to minimize any shading in a greenhouse and is compatible with any unistrut infrastructure.

Heliospectra will also feature their new SIERA light bar solution designed for vertical farming and indoor growing applications. The SIERA light bars are fully dimmable and feature five different light spectra or light treatment variants that can be used across a wide variety of crops and plant growth stages. This includes broad spectrum, far-red and high blue spectra variants to promote propagation, grafting/healing, cloning and indoor production. The different spectra variants are tested and developed to make sure growers can supply crop specific light needs and ensure a healthy, high-quality crop year-round. 

“As the horticulture industry and automated controls continue to evolve, it is essential to supply growers with a flexible lighting solution that can be customized and caters to diverse production and business needs around the world. This includes both different types of environments and installations. MITRA’s unique sleek modular design, ease of installation, and adjustable intensity make it perfect for any application and crop focus. – from greenhouse to indoor production and vertical farming,” said Rebecca Nordin, Global Marketing Director, Heliospectra AB.

The Heliospectra team’s deep knowledge and expertise in plant science and plant response to light spectra has enabled the company to develop commercial cultivation solutions that feature adjustable spectrum LED grow lights with individually tunable wavelengths, customized fixed spectrum treatments and the industry’s most advanced helioCORE™ light control system with DLI, On Target (PPFD) and Schedule controller modules to optimize crop performance and crop quality, flavor and appearance across production cycles.

Join Heliospectra’s dedicated sales team and helioCARE™ plant, light and technical services experts in booth 12.500 to demo and learn more about the company’s solution portfolio, including the new modular MITRA-series and SIERA light bar solution, ELIXIA controllable lighting solutions and helioCORE light control system. For more information regarding our products or to book a meeting GreenTech Amsterdam, visit https://www.heliospectra.com/greentech-2019/

GreenTech Amsterdam is a global meeting place for all industry professionals involved in horticulture technology. The event combines technology and innovation with educational sessions on the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers and medicinal cannabis.