Gothenburg, Sweden, 22 December 2021, at 14:00 CET – Heliospectra AB’s President and CEO Ali Ahmadian has decided to step down as CEO. As a result, the board has initiated the recruitment process and the search for his successor. During the transition period, Bonny Heeren, board member of Heliospectra, will step in as Acting CEO.

“On behalf of myself and the board, I would like to thank Ali Ahmadian for his contributions to the company. During his years as CEO, Ali has stabilized the company and made good efforts to commercialize the company. As a result, he is now leaving a well-structured company with a clear future strategy and business plan,” says Andreas Gunnarsson, Chairman of the Board of Heliospectra.

Ali Ahmadian took over as CEO in January 2017, and during his time as CEO, he has successfully launched several successful product solutions and strengthened the company’s brand globally. Ali steps down as CEO on 31 December 2021.

“It has been fantastic to work with all the skilled colleagues at Heliospectra. Together, we have driven the company towards new successes and transformed it into today’s company. Heliospectra is now entering an exciting new phase. I see this as a good opportunity to hand over my position, and I am confident that Heliospectra has a bright future in horticulture and will continue to create values for its employees, customers, and shareholders,” says Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra.

Bonny Heeren has been a board member of Heliospectra since May 2021 and already has solid experience of the global horticulture and greenhouse market. Bonny is located in the Netherlands, where over the years he has built up a wide network of growers and suppliers. He currently sits as an investor in a number of start-up companies within AgTech and has before that held a number of different senior positions within the Saint-Gobain Group, most recently as division manager for Horticulture. Bonny will take over as acting CEO on January 1, 2022.

“The new strategic direction with a focus on data-driven cultivation and autonomous greenhouses emphasize the need for product development. With that, we now see the need for a CEO with a strong focus on technical development and horticulture experience. Bonny has worked for the greenhouse market in the Netherlands for many years and also has good insight into Heliospectra. We are confident that he will be able to implement the new strategy and strengthen the company during this transition period“, Andreas Gunnarsson continues.

Sustainable cultivation and data-driven solutions are close to my heart and here I see Heliospectra as a leading and influential player in the market. The company is in an incredibly exciting phase, and I look forward to developing Heliospectra’s position further in Europe during this transition period, says Bonny Heeren, Board Member of Heliospectra.