GOTHENBURG, Sweden / SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 17 August 2018   Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces a new order from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a private international graduate-level institution located on the Red Sea. The prestigious University is starting a new speed breeding research program and has chosen Heliospectra’s fully adjustable ELIXIA LED lighting solution and HelioCORE™ light control software to light up their greenhouse. The order is valued at around SEK 540,000 ($ 58,700). 

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), serves as a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Located in a region where growers tackle challenging environmental conditions daily, the KAUST plant science researchers work to develop plants with enhanced tolerance towards environmental stresses while establishing sustainable agricultural systems for growers in the region. The speed breeding program works to accelerate crop research and speed up the breeding of new, more resistant varieties.  

“Developing more resistant and productive crops is critical to global food security. However, it can take time to breed new varieties, prevent disease and significantly improve yields, says Mark Tester, Professor, Plant Science KAUST. “Speed breeding protocols with the integration of LED lighting and other proven technologies ensure propagation of new varieties with rapid advancements and results in weeks.” 

Heliospectra’s LED Grow Lights have proven successful in accelerating harvest cycles and increasing yield in a number of speed breeding programs around the world. KAUST tackles important environmental challenges on a plant level and we are proud to take part in their work for more sustainable agriculture”, says Ali Ahmadian CEO Heliospectra. 

Heliospectra’s ELIXIA LED Grow Light creates clear business benefits for cultivation teams and researchers around the world. The fully adjustable LED lighting solution will be combined with Heliospectra’s HelioCORE™ light control softwaregiving researchers automation and full control over their research trial. The solution improves the quality of plants and accelerate harvest and production cycles while providing consistent and standardized returns. 

Delivery will take place during the fourth quarter and be visible in the accounts during the third and fourth quarter of 2018.