(GOTHENBURG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 29, 2019 – Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRST NORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces a second order from Ljusgårda AB. The company is expanding its business in Tibro, Sweden, with additional orders of Heliospectra’s fully adjustable ELIXIA LED lighting solutions. The company is currently using the ELIXIA solution in combination with Heliospectra’s light control system helioCORE™. The order value is SEK 5.7 million (USD $ 611,450). 

Expanding a 7000m2 climate certified indoor growth facility in Tibro, Sweden, Ljusgårda AB is dedicated to producing sustainable, eco-conscious and high-quality vegetables year-round. The facility runs on 100% renewable energy and minimizes carbon footprint, water consumption, waste, and use of chemicals while shortening the time to market by supplying locally grown produce to retailers across Sweden. Currently supplying Swedish-grown arugula to stores, Ljusårda is rapidly expanding to cover the increasing demand for the company’s products.

“Sweden currently imports over 70% of all fruits and vegetables we consume today. This leads to high emissions and a loss of nutrients and quality due to transportation time. With Heliospectra as a partner, we are able to lead a new generation of growers and drive change forward. With their help and expertise, we have created a sustainable growth environment combining intelligent LED lighting systems and control, that produces tasty and nutritious crops year-round. We always deliver our produce to stores on schedule within 24 hours of harvest – so customers can enjoy lettuce with good conscious,” said Andreas Willhelmsson, CEO, Ljusgårda AB.  

“In addition to providing Ljusgårda with lighting solutions and automation, we work closely with the company through our  helioCARE service portfolioThrough helioCARE, we ensure that our customers maximize the potential of the new systems and that they feel secure using them to meet their production goals. Heliospectra is there not only during installation, but offers continuous improvement as customers scale. We have worked with Ljusgårda to accelerate the production of arugula and reduce the production time by 19% thanks to adjustments to their lighting strategies,” said Hanna Rüdel VP Technical Services, Heliospectra. 

“Ljusgårda’s cutting edge facility showcases how Swedish innovation and Heliospectra’s lighting solutions and helioCARE services drive the change towards a more sustainable and effective way of producing the food we put on our tables. Their business success depends on the ability to control ventilation, light and water to create a perfect growing environment. Our helioCORE control system and lighting solutions enable them to optimize their lighting and grow consistent, high-quality plants and food 365 days a year,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO Heliospectra AB.  

Heliospectra’s ELIXIA creates clear business benefits for cultivation teams and researchers around the world. The fully adjustable LED lighting solution is compatible with Heliospectra’s helioCORE light control system. helioCORE offers advanced controls, flexible light intensities and customized lighting schedules for indoor environments with real-time monitoring across the plant growth cycle. The integrated solution improves the quality of plants and accelerates harvest and production cycles while providing consistent and standardized returns.

Delivery will take place in three phases and be visible in the accounts during the following five quarters starting second quarter 2019.