(GOTHENBURG, Sweden/SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 15, 2019 – Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRST NORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces an order from Macedonian company SOG DOO. The company is building a smart, state-of-the-art medicinal production facility in Gostivar, Macedonia, and have decided to automate the light environment using Heliospectra’s fully adjustable ELIXIA LED lighting solutions and helioCORE™ light control system. SOG DOO has also purchased a helioCARE™ Technical Services support package to benefit from Heliospectra’s installation and cultivation expertise. The order value is SEK 2.8 million (€ 260,000).

SOG DOO which recently received their cultivation license from the Republic of Macedonia, is establishing the high-tech, high-quality indoor production facility in Gostivar, Macedonia. SOG stands for Sea of Green which is also a popular growth strategy in the cannabis industry and the company strives to produce a standardized, high-quality medicinal product for the international export market. SOG has chosen Heliospectra’s helioCORE control solutions to apply dynamic light schedules and fully automate their growing environments across multiple cultivation zones and production rooms.

“We are looking to build a strong brand within the industry and expand to the international market. In order to do so we understand the importance of consistently producing a standardized medicinal profile and pharmaceutical-grade quality products for our customers. Heliospectra’s solutions allow us to do this, and the fact that we can get assistance and expertise from their helioCARE services is very valuable for us”, said Vesco Gilov, Director of Production, SOG DOO.

“The growing medicinal market and rapidly expanding customer base in Europe pairs with a strict regulatory system and compliance with GMP practices to pave the way for highly controlled and automated production facilities. SOG DOO is a great example of a customer who understands the positive impact helioCORE light controls and our technical services team’s plant science expertise can have on operations to achieve standardized, consistent medicinal profiles and products,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO Heliosepctra.

Heliospectra’s ELIXIA creates clear business benefits for cultivation teams and researchers around the world. The fully adjustable spectrum LED lighting solution is compatible with  Heliospectra’s helioCORE light control system. helioCORE offers advanced controls, flexible light intensities and customized lighting schedules for indoor environments with real-time monitoring across the plant growth cycle. The company recently announced the helioCARE portfolio of technical services to further support growers and their operations teams with facility designs, light installations, electical consulting and cultivation training.

Delivery will take place and be visible in the accounts during the second quarter 2019.