Fast-growing Colorado Medicinal Cannabis Company Turns to Proven LED Grow Light Technology for Consistent Yields and Product Profiles Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent LED lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces an order from Revered of  Aurora, Colorado. A respected leader in Colorado’s medicinal and adult use cannabis market since 2014, Revered will install Heliospectra LX60 intelligent LED grow lights as the company continues to expand its cultivation, operations and branded product portfolio. The order is valued at 741,740 SEK ($88,130 USD). 

Revered is focused on premium cannabis flower cultivation and concentrate extraction processes with a portfolio of live resins, distillates and tinctures that includes the Quest Concentrates and Quest AeroInhaler brands. Revered selected the Heliospectra solution following a technical and financial review of a range of horticultural lighting products, including conventional HPS and metal halide fixtures.

The Heliospectra adjustable spectrum LX60 lights offer Revered a proven solution to control yields and most importantly deliver consistent, highest-quality products to our customers with each harvest cycle,” said Christopher Hardiman, General Manager and co-founder of Revered. “Our innovative extraction processes create potent, pharmaceutical-grade products with predictable, measured and metered doses. The ability to control the LED light and spectra in real-time and at each point of the plant growth cycle ensures that our products start with the healthiest plants and trichome-rich flowers possible.”

As cannabis industry investments scale in Colorado, Revered and other companies have adopted a vertically integrated business structure with in-house cultivation and processing to ensure standardized products and cannabinoid profiles. By deploying Heliospectra’s proven LED grow light technology and customizable lighting strategies,  Revered will be able to more accurately forecast yields while controlling utility costs and production cycles.

“Heliospectra provides a flexible and easy-to-use, full-spectrum LED lamp with market-leading software control to optimize crop quality and increase business performance for growers,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO, Heliospectra. “Christopher Hardiman and his team at Revered exemplify the forward-thinking thought leadership needed in the cannabis industry today.”

The order will be visible in the accounts for Q4.