As one of the world’s most refined plant research facilities, The Plant Accelerator® is recognized for its capacity to accelerate the discovery of plant traits which develop more productive and robust crops. It is a “super greenhouse” containing 40 high-tech greenhouses and laboratories, state-of-the-art imaging, robotics, and computing equipment. The Plant Accelerator® has received a multi-million dollar investment to boost research output. Part of this investment will go towards fitting LED lighting into the facility’s new specialized heat and drought phenotyping facility consisting of two new controlled environment rooms (CERs) fitted with gravimetric watering (DroughtSpotter system), and further sustainable, energy efficient and high-quality LED lighting into the facility’s greenhouses.

“Our research is aimed at improving crops under harsh environmental conditions while minimizing the effect on the environment. Heliospectra’s LED lighting technology offers us a solution that minimizes our energy consumption but provides us with an intense, high-quality light year-round. The knowledge we gain here at The Plant Accelerator® can provide enormous benefits to Australia’s agricultural sector,” said Dr. Trevor Garnett, Director of Technology Development.   

Heliospectra’s high-intensity E60 series grow light, as well as the flagship light the LX60 series with adjustable spectra and software control, has been chosen to supply the new state-of-the-art greenhouses and growth chambers with highest-quality light. The technology was developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading greenhouse growers to provide commercial growers with consistent year-round yields and superior crop quality.   

Heliospectra offers growers and academic researchers the utmost flexibility and control of plant growth. Our collaboration with the University of Adelaide represents a vast opportunity to share technical expertise and knowledge with the food and horticulture industries,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO, Heliospectra. “We will continue to work closely with universities to deliver the product reliability required for accurate scientific results and to rapidly advance our pioneering LED lighting solutions.”