GDPR and Privacy Policy

Heliospectra’s Commitment To Data Integrity

On May 25, 2018, the new European Data Protection Regulation came into effect and influenced how companies collect and use personal information for all EU citizens. Heliospectra welcomes this change and commits us to protect personal information used in our daily business, and to ensure that we and our customers comply with our obligations regarding this data.

What is GDPR?

GDPR harmonises and modernizes data protection requirements in all EU countries and is designed to improve the way organizations handle personal and sensitive information. The aim of the regulation is to secure the rights of EU citizens.

Although many new and changed requirements exist, the same basic principles apply as before. New rules have broadened the definition of personal information and also broadened the scope to apply to all companies, including those operating outside the EU, but who handle the information of EU citizens. Our position, obligations and responsibilities are described in our Privacy Statement and Policy, available on this website.


Data privacy is very important for Heliospectra and we want to be open and transparent with our handling of your personal data. We therefore have a policy that determines how your personal data should be processed and protected.

Who is the controller of your personal information?

The Swedish company, Heliospectra AB is the controller of the personal data you send to us and is responsible for your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.

Where do we store your information?

The data we collect from you is stored in the European Economic Area (EEA), but can also be transferred and processed in a country outside the EEA. All such transfer of your personal data takes place in accordance with applicable legislation.
In the case of transfers outside the EEA, Heliospectra applies standard contractual clauses and privacy protection as protection in countries without a decision of an adequate level of protection from the European Commission.

Who has access to your information?

Your information is registered and processed by Heliospectra AB and only used to supply the service provided by the company.
We will never forward, sell or exchange your data for marketing purposes to third parties outside of Heliospectra. Data that is passed on to third parties is only used for us to provide our services to you. You will find the different categories of third parties in each individual process below.

The organization’s work on processing personal data includes thats

  • Plan and agree on and for processing of personal data
  • Inform about the purpose of processing personal data
  • Obtain consent for and for processing of personal data
  • Carry out analysis, risk management and classification process, this will result in choice of method and levels of protection for processing of personal data
  • Educate staff in personal data management and classification to handle data correctly and to actively participate, develop and improve processes for the processing
  • Check, follow up, conduct analysis and quality assurance to ensure that overtime ensures that the purpose of processing personal data is met.

On what legal basis is the data processed?

Each time we process personal information we collect from you, we will notify you whether the provision of personal data is statutory or mandatory for the conclusion of a contract and whether it is mandatory to provide the personal data and any consequences if you choose to do so.

What are your rights?

Right to access:

You have the right at any time to request information about the personal information we have about you. You can contact Heliospectra, who will send you your personal information via e-mail. Please contact us at or

Right to data portability:

Each time Heliospectra processes your personal data in an automated manner after your consent or under an agreement, you have the right to have a copy of your data in a structured, regular and machine-readable format transferred to you or another party. It only includes the personal information you have provided to us.

Right to correction:

You have the right to request correction of your personal data if they are incorrect, including the right to supplement incomplete personal information.

Right to erase:

You have the right to delete any personal data processed by Heliospectra at any time except for the following situations:

  • You have an ongoing case with customer service
  • You have an ongoing order that has not yet been shipped or partially shipped
  • You have an unpaid debt with Heliospectra, regardless of the payment method
  • You are suspected of having or abused our services over the past four years
  • Your credit application has been rejected within the last three months
  • If you have made purchases, we will store your personal data in connection with the transaction for accounting purposes

Your right to refuse to process personal data due to a legitimate interest:

You have the right to refuse to process your personal data based on Heliospectra’s legitimate interest. Heliospectra does not continue to process the personal data unless we can legitimately prove to the process that precedes your interests and rights or due to legal claims.

Your right to deny direct marketing:

You have the right to refuse to direct marketing, including profile analyzes made for direct marketing purposes.

You can opt out of direct marketing as follows:

* Follow the instructions in each marketing statement. An opt-out function is included in each email going out.

Right to limitation:

You have the right to require Heliospectra to limit the handling of your personal data in the following circumstances:

  • If you oppose the processing of your personal data on the basis of Heliospectra’s legitimate interest, Heliospectra shall limit all handling of the data during the ongoing investigation of legitimate interest.
  • If you have claimed that your personal data is incorrect, Heliospectra must limit all handling of these data during the ongoing investigation of whether the personal data is correct.
  • If the processing of personal data violates the law, you can oppose the deletion of personal data and instead request the limitation of the use of your personal data
  • If Heliospectra no longer needs the personal information, but it is necessary to enable you to defend yourself against legal claims.

How can you exercise your rights?

We take data protection very seriously and therefore we encourage you to contact us in case of any questions. You can always reach us at or

Right to complain to a supervisory authority:

If you believe that Heliospectra processes your personal data in an incorrect way, you can contact us. You also have the right to submit complaints to a supervisory authority.

Updates to our Privacy Notice:

We may need to update our privacy notice. The latest version of the Privacy Statement is always available on our site. We will notify you of any material changes in the privacy notice, such as the purpose of using your personal data, the identity of the agent or your rights.