User interface of DLI Controller in helioCORE 

HelioCORE is our integrated light control system, revolutionizing crop cultivation. With open API integration, customizable strategies, and weather forecast integration, it maximizes yield, optimizes energy, and offers precise control over grow environments. Automatic updates ensure access to the latest features, while multi-group grow zone control tailors lighting for diverse crops. helioCORE sets new standards in precision horticulture, empowering growers with innovative tools for year-round success and efficiency. 

An update to helioCORE 2.0 has recently been launched with many new features and improved control modules. One of the modules which will be discussed in more detail in this article, regulates supplemental light use to reach Daily Light Integral (DLI) targets in your greenhouse, supporting optimal plant growth and can prioritizing lamp use at times of day when energy and utility costs are lowest. 

You as a user set the preferences for the photoperiod and the minimum and maximum light levels for that period. The system uses sensors, algorithms, and forecasts to achieve the DLI following the preferences.  

This case that you see below in figure 1, has the user set the photoperiod to 00:00 – 17:00, DLI target of 11 and minimum light levels was set in helioCORE. 

In helioCORE you can see the usage of your lights as well as the sunlight that’s been available for the crop for each day.  

An overview let you see a graph for the DLI where the proportion of lamp vs sunlight is visible. By moving the controller over the bar, you can see the value for each.  

DLI graph

Figure 1. Graphical overview of the DLI in helioCORE 

DLI graph showing the amount of sunlight

Figure 2. 5,84 Sunlight

DLI graph showing the amount of lamp light

Figure 3. 5,18 Lamplight

The light levels over the day are also visible in a graph. The graph can show the Total amount of light, sunlight + lamp, or them sperate.  

Graph in helioCORE that is showing the amount of sun and lamp light

   Figure 4. Graph showing the amount of sunlight and lamp separately   

Graph in helioCORE showing the total amount light, sunlight and lamp

Figure 5. Graph showing the total amount light, sunlight and lamp  

With a simple click of a button, you can isolate and see only the light provided by lamps or sunlight throughout the day.  On the left graph with the yellow line (Figure 4), you can see that the system has turned off the lights during the middle of the day and added some additional light with the lights dimmed at the end of the photoperiod to ensure that the target DLI of 11 was achieved. On the right graph (Figure 5), the blue line shows the sunlight, and you can see that when there was a lot of sunlight available for the crop, it correlates with when the lights were turned off.   

Graph in helioCORE showing the activity of the lamp  

Figure 6. Graph showing the activity of the lamp

graph in helioCORE showing the amount of sunlight

 Figure 7. Graph showing the sunlight of the day

In conclusion, the DLI controller within the helioCORE user interface provides growers with unprecedented control and insight into their crop’s light environment. By setting preferences for photoperiod, DLI targets and light levels, users can ensure optimal plant growth while minimizing energy costs. The graphical overview of DLI and light levels allows intuitive monitoring and adjustment, ensuring the system dynamically adapts to changing conditions. With helioCORE, growers can confidently optimize their cultivation practices, setting new standards in precision horticulture and maximizing yields all year round. 

As mentioned above there are more new and improved modules in helioCORE, for example one of the newly launched modules is a LUEt module that measures fluorescence yield with a sensor called helioSENSE. Stay tuned to learn more about this and other modules! 

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