By having a dynamic lighting solution, it is possible to adjust the light intensity to the shoulder part of the day (sunrise/ sunset) by dimming down/up the light levels. This can ensure that a good level of light is maintained within your production but not using the lights more than needed. By adding smart control with sensors, the use of supplemental light is regulated to achieve Daily Light Integral (DLI). Our SMART lighting system provide the targeted amount of DLI your crops require, preventing both under-lighting, which can negatively impact the plants, and over-lighting, which increases energy consumption. 

Other lighting technologies such as HPS are not as dynamic as LEDs can be. One advantage is that LED can be switched on and off quickly, whereas HPS technology takes time to heat up to full output and doesn’t tolerate frequent on/off switching. Another advantage is that LED is also more efficient than HPS, so depending on the motivation of replacement of the HPS to LED in the greenhouse, a grower can either reduce energy consumption by installing the same light intensity over the crop, or use the same energy and increase the light intensity. So depending on the crop requirements and greenhouse, there are different strategic choices to consider.  

Greenhouse with plants
LED grow light, Mitra X Flex

Our dynamic lights can dim the light output from 0100 %. This dynamic feature can be used to a grower’s advantage together with helioCORE and DLI control. When set to its target DLI, helioCORE uses the lights in the most efficient way possible, and this can also be combined with electricity prices. Our customers have achieved energy savings of up to 35%.  

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