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“For Greenbelt Microgreens, it was never a question of if we required supplemental lighting, but when we would do it. Seasonal supplemental lighting maintains our crop quality and allows us to meet continual retail demand and accurately forecast our yields.”

Alice Farris, Head Grower
Microgreen leaves tend to grow thinner and are more delicate during the short, dark days of winter. Greenbelt wanted to ensure that their plants received the precise amounts of light needed despite seasonal changes in natural daylight. Maintaining a consistent harvest of grams per tray was key for retail sales.

By using Heliospectra’s ELIXIA adjustable spectrum LED grow lights with the helioCORE™ control system, Greenbelt ensured their plants received the precise amounts of light and PPFD needed to maintain the summer quality of crops, in yields, color, and in texture.

Greenbelt saw a 13% increase in wintertime yields under Heliospectra lighting and was able to manage greenhouse floor space far more efficiently after eliminating the seasonal shifts in summer and winter light.

Yield differences can happen within hours given Greenbelt’s short production cycles which range between 4 to 12 days from seed to store shelf. helioCORE’s DLI controller and real-time response from the ELIXIA lights enabled Greenbelt to gain immediate control for consistent production, yields and crop quality 365 days a year.

The ability to monitor light run times and schedule supplemental lights during the lowest cost energy hours was also a key savings benefit for Greenbelt Microgreens.

Founded by Ian Adamson, Greenbelt Microgreens pioneered 15 different varieties of organic microgreens and living lettuce in a 3.5 acre state-of-the art greenhouse. In late 2018, Harvest One acquired majority interest in Greenbelt Greenhouse to focus the business on cultivation.

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