Ida Fällström and Daniel Bånkestad from Heliospectra togehter with Shirin Moradi & Magnus Crommert from Ljusgårda conducted the growth performance of two type of lettuce grown in different lighting strategies.



The balance of blue in the spectrum has effects on plant morphology. Blue light is associated with anthocyanin production and compact growth in various plant types. Research has also shown that monochromatic blue light can cause plants to show extension growth. This has also been proven in previous experiments with herbs (data not shown here). The ability to control plant morphology (e.g., plant size) can be of interest to commercial growers and the same holds for chemical compounds. Intelligent LED technology enables a high level of control over the amount and quality of light provided to plants as supplemental or sole-source lighting. This technology gives growers the possibility of non-chemical control of plant morphology. We investigated the growth performance of two type of lettuce grown in different lighting strategies.


  • EOD B, EOD FR and FR enriched spectrum had similar leaf elongation effect on green lettuce seedlings. The leaves of the red lettuce seedling were shorter in EOD blue than spectrum with FR, both PAR+FR and EOD FR.
  • For green lettuce, the biomass production was highest for the spectrum with PAR+FR. When moved to finish in EOP without far-red for the last 7 days the lettuce showed a reduction in potential biomass gain.
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