Located in Denmark, Sakata Ornamentals is an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops, and cut flowers, with over 100 years of experience developing quality genetics for commercial growers and gardeners.

Sakata has recently integrated the MITRA X lighting system from Heliospectra into its operations. Renowned for its commitment to cultivating the highest-quality seeds for the horticultural market and its ability to adjust to the needs of distributors, growers, and retailers, Sakata continuously explores innovative approaches to optimizing its growing processes.

LED Lighting Integration

Sakata has replaced its HPS lights with efficient 650-watt LED lights. This way, Sakata reached a higher light level with lower energy consumption. Heliospectra, a Swedish LED light company with 18 years of expertise in the horticultural sector, collaborated closely with Sakata to devise tailored lighting strategies for different sections of their greenhouse facilities.


Customized Lighting Solutions

The implementation of helioCORE, an independent operating system specifically designed to control LED lights, enables Sakata to manage and regulate each greenhouse compartment separately. With helioCORE, operators have the flexibility to create customized lighting zones, adjust light settings according to specific requirements, and even integrate local weather forecasts through the DLI controller for optimal energy management.

“This collaboration ensured the development of precise lighting plans to suit the customer’s varying greenhouse sizes and cultivation needs. Today, Sakata uses over 60+ groups that constantly keep changing – something only possible through helioCORE,” according to Bonny Heeren, CEO of Heliospectra.

Heliospectra’s Mitra X series offers wattage options of 650, 800, and 1500, providing versatility to meet the requirements of different crops. By harnessing a spectrum range from 40% to 90% red, Sakata can ensure that all crops receive the ideal light spectrum for their growth stages. Additionally, the Mitra X system offers the flexibility of incorporating fixed or adjustable far-red light alongside the main spectrum, further enhancing crop performance and quality. 

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