Intensity (DLI), Flex, and Full Flex:
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Heliospectra‘s grow light portfolio offers the user more dynamic use of the lights than just on/off. There are different ways to use grow lights dynamically, where we will discuss three ways which we refer to as; Dynamic Intensity (DLI), Semi Flex and Full Flex. The benefit to the user of the different levels of dynamic control is that they can be tailored to suit their needs, whether that is to provide the right amount of light at specific times of the year/day or to steer the crop through spectrum control. To understand what level of dynamic control your facility and business needs contact our team of experts to help you understand the potential 

Dynamic Intensity 

With a dynamic lighting solution, it is possible to adjust the light intensity to the shoulder part of the day (sunrise/ sunset) by dimming down/up the light levels. This can ensure that a good level of light is maintained within your production, to meet the DLI target for the crops, but that the lights are not being used more than needed. MITRA X offers targeted static spectrum and light intensity control. The spectrum portfolio offers a wide range of spectrum from R40 to R90, including far-red or not. This is ideal when you have set your spectrum lightning preferences to target efficacy in your facility.  

Mitra X spectrum graphs

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Semi Flex 

MITRA X Flex offers Semi Flexible spectrum control (3 spectrum in 1) and light intensity. This dynamic use of grow light for specific applications and light environments can be of different spectrum composition.  For instance, to have a separate growth spectrum and working environment spectrum without compromising the efficacy of the grow light. Another option is to use far-red light when it is beneficial to the crop. The far-red light can be included in the spectrum, excluded or used on its own. This can help to create a protocol for the different stages of your crop. In lettuce, for example, it has been shown to be beneficial to use far-red light at certain stages of the production cycle. Or depending on the season, to make the crop more compact or to stretch it more. For strawberries, far-red can help to elongate the stems and petioles to make the plants taller and wider and then turn off the far-red 

Mitra X Flex spectrum graphs

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Full Flex 

There are two types of full flex lights available in the Heliospectra portfolio: DYNA and ELIXIA. ELIXIA offers full flexibility for both spectrum and intensity, with 5 individually tunable channels. ELIXA provides control over the spectrum; Blue (450nm), Red (660nm), Far Red (735nm), & White (5700K and 3600K). Plant species and cultivars have different morphological and physiological characteristics that influence their response to light. ELIXIA is therefore ideal for multiple crops and varieties applications, for example to create different lighting strategies.  

Many researchers want to be able to work with both light quality (spectrum) and quantity (intensity). The solution for this is Heliospectra’s dynamic grow light called DYNA with 9 individually tunable channels. DYNA provides high control over the spectrum, with all the channels UV-A (380nm) Blue (400, 415 & 450nm), Green (530nm), Red (630, 660nm), Far Red (735nm), & White (5700K) individually dimmable. 

Elixia spectrum graph

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